14 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas With MDF Pre-cut Bases

14 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas With MDF Pre-cut Bases

Take a look at your wall. What is missing? If you think there is something missing, then it is definitely a creative touch with craft elements. Wall decor with artwork is crucial for a cozy house. It shows how important every corner is to you. MDF is related to modern lightweight wood base material. Papericious offers a wide range of MDF pre-cut bases that let you express your creativity and customize your design. 

What to decor and how to arrange it on the walls are some of the common confusions. That's why we are here with 14 easy DIY wall decor ideas utilizing MDF pre-cut bases that will make your home unique.

So without any further delay, let's get started.

14 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas With MDF Pre-cut Bases 

  1. Custom MDF Name plates

Whether you are searching for a home entrance or an MDF kids name plate, get a name plaque with a premarked MDF base. Paint the base your favorite color and write the name in calligraphy. Moreover, you can also use stencils or MDF custom name cutouts

Papericious also offers MDF cutouts including flowers, butterflies, or stars. Get a painted personalized kids name plate for a quick hanging process.  

  1. Personalized cutouts

Do you have photo frames on your wall? To add a more personalized effect, get the love, better together, you & me, happy ever after, and many such MDF cutout stencils. Paint it with your favourite color and stick it above your photo frame gallery. 

Moreover, you can also use these cutouts on your macramé wall hanging projects.

  1. Customize boards with Acrylic cutouts 

Acrylic cutouts give a unique finish to the laser cut MDF boards. Get a plain wood base round board and paint it with any single color. Then fix the Acrylic Gayarti Mantra on it. That's it! Your spiritual MDF board is ready to hang.

You can also decorate the board with ribbons, buttons, or washi tape.

  1. Pre Marked MDF Jharokha

Pre marked MDF Jharokha has been trending for ages and is also a staple decor in modern interiors. Papericious offers laser processed designs on pre marked MDF base to ease your painting process. Pre Marked MDF Jharokha designs include Ashtalakshmi, Dashavatar, Nav Durga, Gopika, and many more options. Choose it as per your theme interior.

  1. Religious wall Decor. 

Papericious pre marked MDF mandala ashtavinayak board is developed with the help of German Laser machines having minimum blackness and fine cutting on MDF. We also offer Krishna cutouts, Radha Krishna pre marked cutout bases, cute Ganesha, and more options for quick DIY projects.

Use papericious chalk paint/acrylic color/wood stainers/decoupage glue to create your memories with these Pre marked MDF Boards.

  1. Mandala Art MDF Pre-cut Bases

Mandala art on walls is known for its serenity. It adds positive vibes to the environment. PAPERICIOUS Pre Marked Mandala Bases are 4.5 mm thick pine MDF. They are ideal for lippan art, painting, and fine Mandala details. These bases are the best choice for the living room, bedroom, kids room, and even balcony decor. Moreover, if you are looking for something outside of the corridor or entrance wall, Mandala art is the best bet for you.

  1. Wall Decor as Symbol of Love

Hang the memories on your walls. Papericious celebrates the bonds and emotions of father and son, father and daughter, brother-sister, dad and children, mom’s love with MDF cutout bases. Install the special cutouts for style and unforgettable memories. Paint the MDF base and apply a coat of varnish for a smooth finish. This project is functional and attractive.

  1. MDF Shubh Labh Cutouts

MDF Shubh Labh cutouts add traditional charm to your wall design. These MDF wooden boards promise a combination of durability and artistic design. The MDF Shubh Labh cutouts represent auspiciousness and prosperity, are perfect for festive or everyday decorating. Customize these cutouts with paint, decorations, or gold leaf to complement your home's style. MDF Shubh Labh cutouts are lightweight and easy to hang, adding cultural heritage and pleasant energy to your home.

  1. String Art

String art on MDF plain boards is a fun and crazy craft with unlimited possibilities. String art includes hammering nails into a round MDF board in a specified pattern. Take three different threads and weave colorful strings or yarn around them to create elaborate designs. MDF art boards are great for this style of art due to their durability and smoothness. 

String art on MDF wooden bases adds texture and color to any decor, whether you're making geometric forms, abstract motifs, or personalized names and photos. The procedure is relaxing and artistically satisfying, allowing you to showcase your artistic talent and decorate your home or workplace walls.

  1. Decoupage Art

A 4.5mm basic MDF triangle with decoupage art creates fantastic personalized wall decor. The MDF triangle becomes a vibrant artwork by gluing paper cutouts and finishing them. Start with patterned scrapbook paper, vintage book pages, or bright napkins. Place the cut shapes on the MDF triangle in various ways to achieve the desired appearance. 

Attach paper to MDF bases using a decoupage medium to remove bubbles and creases. After drying, varnish the artwork to protect and beautify it. Perfect for personalizing your home, this approach allows for endless personalization and adds rich, textured decor.

  1. Pre Marked MDF Kalash Art

Customizing your own board with kalash art infuses tranquility into the ambience. Attach a Papericious 4mm thick Pre Marked MDF Kalash to the plain MDF board and start painting the bright colors on it. Use a sponge to add texture to the MDF Kalash cutout, and brush paint over the base.

  1. Quotes Gallery 

Take the set of 4-6 Pine MDF square bases and paint them simultaneously. Now, using a calligraphy pen, write short quotes on it. This is an inspirational decor ideal for offices, homes, and even restaurant walls. You can also create such sets and gift them to your loved ones as a blessing. 

  1. MDF Wall Clock 

An MDF wall clock round base is a fun and creative DIY project that blends function and expression. A smooth, durable spherical MDF base is great for painting, staining, decoupage, stenciling, and mosaic tiling. Customize the MDF clock base with numbers, images, or themes to match your modern house decor. Install a clock mechanism in the center of the wooden base board to allow hands to move. 

  1. Nature-Inspired Art on MDF Round Bases

Turn MDF round bases into nature-inspired paintings to bring nature inside. MDF is a smooth, sturdy canvas for various art forms. Start with a tranquil gradient sky or lush forest. Decorate MDF with pressed flowers, leaves, and twigs. Paint detailed plant, bird, or landscape illustrations on the foundation with acrylic paints for long-lasting color. The round MDF bases give the artwork an organic look and make it a good wall focal point. 

Enjoy Unlimited Options with MDF Pre-Cut Bases for Wall Decor!

If you are an art lover, then painting is therapy for you. It helps you relax and feel the pleasure of the colors around you. MDF pre-cut bases are adaptable and robust for DIY wall decor projects. Papericious offers a wide range of MDF base for crafts. So grab your supplies, get creative, and start turning your walls into masterpieces! 

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