Premarked Cnavas Boards

DIY Ready-to-paint Pre-marked Canvas Boards for Wall Decor

It is an absolute delight to paint on canvas boards. Brushing on colors and letting the imagination run wild becomes even more thrilling due to the material's texture and quality. But it is also challenging to work on a blank canvas. Especially for younger artists and those just starting out who want to make art but cannot master the perfect shapes. 

Buy a beautiful Pre-marked canvas board painting for beginners and art aspirants to save time and have more fun with it. To personalize your walls, hang your art. You do not need any artistic training to express yourself with these ready-to-paint Pre-mark canvas boards.  

The pre-drawn outlines on these canvases make it easy to create beautiful paintings in minutes. Prepare to set up your brushes and check out canvas board painting ideas for your walls. Also, make sure to pick the right choice per your decor's purpose and place. 

Let’s get straight into the top 5 DIY canvas board painting ideas for beginners.

Top 5 DIY Ready-to-paint Pre marked canvas Boards for Wall Decor


    Hanging bird-painted DIY canvas art in the living room is such an amazing thing. Many bird species are depicted on branches, in the air, with flowers and leaves, or in scenic surroundings on these pre-marked canvases. The Bird canvas board for acrylic painting is fun for beginners and kids due to its complex feather detailing and brilliant colors.  

    Once the artwork, these paintings will provide calm and life to any wall, especially living rooms, bedrooms, and corridors. The following are the trending options available at Papericious. 

    Indian Folk art

      Indian folk art is a great wall décor due to its cultural heritage, ancient details, and brilliant colors. Explore and paint the traditional Indian art with Pre marked canvases of Madhubani, Kalamkari, and Kerala motifs. Many of these pieces depict mythology, daily life, nature, and festivals of ancient culture.  

      Indian folk art is rewarding to paint due to its intricate patterns and exotic colors. Hang this beautiful DIY canvas painting in different forms, like Mandala details, lippan art board, chalk paint colors, and resin work. Yes, of course, you can work everything on your canvas. Make your home more classic and honorable with these cultural customs.  

      Do you want to buy Indian art painting? Choose your best pick!

      Cartoon canvas

        Kids love cartoons. They are an integral part of their childhood. Cartoon canvas art is a playful way to decorate, especially kids' rooms and play places. Get the pre-marked cartoon canvas boards to make them attractive for painting. These canvas artworks depict cartoon characters, amusing animals, or imaginative scenes that inspire creativity.  

        Cartoon painting lets kids experiment with bright colors and fun elements. Papericious offers the most attractive and trending cartoon art on DIY canvas boards. Your kid's are going to love it!


          Walls are the best way to adorn the space with tranquility. You can express spirituality and dedication via religious canvas paintings on your walls. These Pre marked canvases can represent little Krishna and cute Ganesha deities.  

          Religious art painting depicts a calm and rewarding nature. It connects the artist to their beliefs and creates something important.  

          These paintings are ideal for prayer rooms, living rooms, or anywhere you want to create a tranquil, reflective mood. They comfort and inspire with their faith reminders. 

          Natural Scenes

            A nature-inspired pre marked canvas board brings meditation into the room. The laser-marked canvas infuses limitless possibilities for your creative vision. Have fun with nature's exposure and try your hands with different colors, textures, and methods to capture nature.  

            It's a universal work of art. Hang anywhere and with any decor, it will only enhance the beauty of the space. You can also benefit the living areas, bedrooms, and offices with these artworks' calming effects. Natural scene paintings can make your walls look like windows to peaceful and beautiful scenes, improving your home's atmosphere.

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            If you love painting, then don't hold yourself back! You are not supposed to be perfect at drawing or making shapes. Get the Ready-to-paint pre-marked canvas boards and paint them all. They are great options for personalizing walls with your style and hobbies. Our canvas board comes with a flat, stretched canvas. The laser-cut MDF thickness is 10 mm with 280 GSM canvas cloth. Moreover, you will also get a hanging hook in a separate pouch. Painting comes out perfectly on a stable Base. After painting, screw the hanging hook as per your requirement 

            Papericious is not limited to canvas boards, we also offer MDF cutouts for crafts and wooden name plates for more fun. For more details, visit our website,

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