DIY Gift Ideas with Personalized MDF Boxes for Every Occasion

DIY Gift Ideas with Personalized MDF Boxes for Every Occasion

Recently, since the past ten years, the hamper trend has been increasing a lot. People want to give unforgettable memories to their loved ones. Gifts are the traditional symbol beyond cultures, appreciation, love, and thoughtfulness. Now, you can customize your gift boxes at home with DIY MDF boxes.

One product, hundreds of solutions. Readymade gift hamper boxes will cost you a fortune, but if you make it at home, then they will become an extraordinary piece. And you will also get a cost effective product. 

MDF bases offer you an exciting opportunity to paint it and make it a personalized piece of art. Showing the recipient the care and effort you put into creating something unique just for them. 

You can easily transform sturdy and customizable MDF boxes into beautiful, personalized gifts for any occasion. Now, how to create DIY personalized MDF boxes for various occasions? How to paint and add hamper stuff?

Let's learn the easy and quick way to make amazing MDF gift boxes.

Features of Personalized MDF Boxes


  • MDF Box walls are 5.5mm thick.
  • Base and top are 2.5mm thick.
  • Extra-fine locks and hinges are coated.
  • Box sizes: 4x4x2.50, 6x6x2.75, 8x8x3, 10x10x3.25, and 12x12x3.50 (choose as needed). 

Best DIY Gift Ideas with Personalized MDF Boxes:

1.      Birthday Surprise Box

Materials Needed:
  • Paint the box: 

Paint the two strong coats of Gesso on the MDF wooden Gift box. After drying it completely, paint teal green colors on the entire box. Make sure to use a fine brush for laser cut areas. Now, add the green glitter to the half corner of the box. 

This way, glitter will stick to the MDF gift box without any glue. Lastly, varnish the remaining painted area. 

  • Add Decorations: 

Once the MDF box dries out completely, start filling it with decor elements. Fill the paper grass for gift packing. Then jump to the final step.

  • Personal Touch: 

Fill the box with your gifts. Add a wrist watch and a cadbury with personal mementos like photos, small keepsakes, or handwritten notes. This makes the gift truly special and memorable.

2.      Wedding Keepsake Box

Materials Needed:
  • Start painting: 

Paint the two strong coats of Gesso on the MDF wooden Gift box. After drying it completely, paint it a plum pearlescent acrylic color and let it dry. Now, varnish the box and make the surface smooth and non sticky.

  • Let's decorate it:

Using glue, stick the golden foil on the leaves cutout unevenly. Remember, here, you don't need to be perfect. Brush off the extra foil. Then stick the jhalar lace at the opening of the box.  

As it is the box for a wedding gift, make it more exotic with pearls. Then jump to the final step.

  • Satin Lining: 

For an extra touch of luxury, line the inside of the box with satin. Now, start adding your gifts to it. This box is available in different sizes, so you can easily add almost everything to it.

Note: You can also use it as a keepsake box to store wedding memories like vows, photos, or small wedding favors.

3.      Anniversary Gift Box

Materials Needed:

  • Romantic Finish: 

Chalk paint doesn't require any gesso protection. You can immediately start working with the baby pink chalk paint. Paint the entire custom wedding box thoroughly and let it dry. 

  • Stencil process: 

Take the medium size butterfly stencil and keep it on top of the box. Now paint the golden acrylic paint on it. You can also use texture chalk paint to add butterfly texture to it. This is completely optional, though. After that, seal everything with varnish for a smooth finish.

  • Fill the box with Precious Gift: 

Fill the paper grass for gift packing. Now add the Kundan Kangan or personalized stone with ticket stubs, love notes, and small thankful notes.

4.     Housewarming Gift Box

Materials Needed:
  • Dry Fruit Organiser Box
  • Neutral or earthy paint colors
  • Housewarming stickers or stencils
  • Dry fruits
  • Handwritten blessing notes
  • Warm Colors: 

Paint the box in neutral or earthy tones. These colors complement any home décor.

  • Classic feel: 

Decorate MDF wood box with housewarming stickers or stencils. Add the family’s last name on the top of the box for a personal touch.

  • Practical Fill: 

Fill the box with dry fruits and handwritten blessing notes. Moreover, you can also add different gifts in different sections, like small craft candles, MDF keychains Base, MDF fridge magnets, or MDF cutouts. This thoughtful box is perfect for blessing someone with their new home.

5.      Graduation Congratulations Box

Materials Needed:
  • Paint the Box: 

Paint the box any Pastel color. Let it dry completely.

  • Graduation Decor: 

Decorate with graduation or study stickers. Attach a small tassel or mini degree cap for an authentic touch.

  • Inspirational Fill: 

Fill the box with a personalized MDF keychain, inspirational quotes, a congratulatory note, and a gift card.

Shop the Personalized MDF Boxes for Every Occasion

Personalized MDF boxes are a wonderful way to create meaningful and memorable gifts for any occasion. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can enjoy these DIY projects. Now, transform a simple box into a treasured keepsake that speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness and care. 

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, Christmas, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, Valentine’s Day, or housewarming, Papericious personalized MDF boxes offer a unique and interesting excuse to celebrate and commemorate life’s special moments.

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